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Caution about Merchandise Swap
— by Andie J Andie J
Hey everyone,

I hope this section will be of use to some of you.

I know from speaking to so many fans that a lot of people are still looking for specific C & B merchandise and others have multiple items from particular periods of C & B's career.

If anyone wants to post what they have and what they are looking for, maybe we can give Noel Edmonds a run for his money huh?  Multi Coloured C & B Swap Shop!

All I wish to stress is that you are all very careful about who you arrange to swap things with as we cannot guarantee that we know everyone who comes on the site, just be sure to use caution when giving your address or phone number or other contact or personal details to anyone online.

Don't leave your details written in public for all to see, be sure you trust the people you are connecting with, thanks, stay safe guys!