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— by Andie J Andie J
Hi Mandy,

Lovely to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting us here and also letting us know a bit about you, it's always really good to know a bit about someone when we say hello, great to have another fan with us too.  We have a large group of friends who are all great people and will make you very welcome.

These forums are just getting up off the ground now.  We had another network before this one which had built up a great community spirit but it had to close recently so we are starting all over again here.  Glad to have you with us as we begin.

There are lots of us who have been fans since they first appeared on our TVs.  I too always dreaded the day I heard them do Together live too.  I managed to get away with it for years but last year, they revived it and even though I had always believed that I would cry when it happened, they made it so full of joy as they sang it that it had completely the opposite effect.  It will get me one day tho  :(

Between our little group we do get to see them quite often throughout the year.
It's nice to see the show and have a bit of a catch up with everyone.

You should join us here on a Wednesday evening, we have our weekly chats in the chat room on this site and we have a great group of regulars who you would get to know very easily.  Bobby calls in whenever he can and we have a good goss and a bit of a laugh.  If you ever fancy it, just turn up on Weds and say hi.

Look forward to hearing from you again,
Welcome to our forum x