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— by MandyBoxall MandyBoxall
Hi Andrea

Hope this is the right place to introduce myself.  I'm new to your network but not a new Cannon and Ball fan.  I have loved their humour since I first saw them in the early 80's but have seen them only four times live, most recently last Sunday at Weston.  I get a lot of ribbing about my love of C&B, from colleagues, friends and family, but only I know how I laugh till it hurts and how it always cheers me up watching them, so I don't mind their ribbing.  They seem really nice guys too, which I'm sure you will be able to confirm.

We live in Tamworth Staffordshire so going to the seaside is always a long journey, but I would have done it many more times had I been able to persuade my other half to come with me.  I succeeded this year and he loved it as much as I did.   Andy teases me that I am C&B's biggest fan and whilst walking down the street at Weston on Sunday afternoon all of a sudden he reaches out to shake a man's hand - it was Tommy!  And I hadn't recognised him!  I was a bit star struck to be honest.  :-)  I saw some of your photos on Facebook.  Do you get to see them in the show often?  

Andy works in Dublin during the week and commutes back to England, so travelling isn't something he wants to do much when he gets back, but we arranged our annual holiday around the Rock with Laughter tour this year.  It was well worth it.  I can't put my finger on what stirs the emotions when I see them sing 'Together we'll be ok' but it always gets to me.  I'm glad they didn't sing it in the show as I would have cried and my mascara would have run - not a good look is it?

Anyway, since we have been back from our little weekend away we have watched the Blackpool DVD from 2005 and laughed all over again.  It's good to see that others appreciate Bobby and Tommy and I wish them well with the rest of the tour.  And it's lovely to meet a fellow Cannon and Ball fan.   x